2.5 kg Bath Salts

Fabulous 2.5 kg bulk buy. A crystal glass bowl will be perfect to display these exquisite quality bath salts. Your spa/shop will be filled with wonderful aromatherapy scents.

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Product Image Product Name Quantity
patchouli2.5 kg Patchouli and Ylang Ylang
flower_tulips_perfect_garden_flower2.5 kg Seasonal Healing flowers
elder-flower2.5 kg Cedarwood and Elderflowers
calendula-honey2.5 kg Calendula Honey and hops
aloe-bath-salt-445306012.5 kg Aloe and Tea tree
spain,_autumn_2011_0972.5 kg Red Hibiscus
imphephoplant2.5 kg African Imphephu
vanilla_and_lime32.5 kg Vanilla & Lime
dried-lavender-hops-heart-(1)2.5 kg Citrus & Floral Hop Bouquet
mustard2.5 kg Medicinal Mustard
1376650158orange-neroli-salt2.5 kg Bergamot & Orange
lavender_bath_sa_4cdabb69d4d4662.5 kg Lavender
lemonverbena22.5 kg Lemon Verbena
bath-salts2.5 kg Organic Seaweed & Vetiver
image0012.5 kg Spiced cinnamon
images-(1)2.5 kg Sandalwood + calendula
mustard_and_pepp_4cdac0419095b92.5 kg Mustard and peppermint
chammomile_and_r_4cdabb1798bf812.5 kg Rose geranium and chamomile
silver_ions2.5 kg Silver Ions salts
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The minimum quantity is 6 x 2.5 kg bags. You are invited to order a customised variety.

Our own organically grown flowers, herbs and wild Mountain Rose  fynbos are combined with the best of oils and salts to bring you the perfect medicinal bath.

Our much loved tea tree and hibiscus, combined with the healing herbs of the season will leave you feeling like a princess.